Friday, December 27, 2013

My Best Furniture Find Of 2013

About 2 months ago I found a great end table at St. Vinnies and I got a 25% discount on the sticker price. The wood being solid oak and the legs shape are what really attracted me to it. I don't usually like glass top tables but this table only cost me $11.23 - I can live with the glass. I really liked the look of the table after getting it in my apartment, it looks like it's Cat approved too. I set Sam up on it - she sniffed around and then moved to the edge and sat down on the wood. She isn't stupid - not going to sit on what "looks like" mostly nothing and the glass was probably cold on her butt. Now I just need to figure out where to put it. After a little sanding to just the top and some lemon oil it turned out pretty good.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ed's Movie Pick - Oblivion

I saw the movie Oblivion in it's first run at the theaters and have since seen it a few more times on the big screen and when it went to the local 2 buck Cinemark theater - buck fiddy, economy hours. I love this movie, great story with some good twists and turns. It might not be perfect but it really is close for me. Oblivion is very entertaining! It has stark stunning visuals, fun tech and some real good action and non verbal acting.

Even though most alien take over movies have similar themes now - try to kill us all off, take our resources and then how we take them out - the more I see this movie the more I want to see it again - so sue me. The tech used in the movie is great fun, I want a home like the "Tower" and the cabin too. Also the cycle, his weapons and his personal earth/space transport. Tom Cruise as always puts a great effort into his character and his interactions with the cast and in this movie the scenescapes too. I am a big fan of his hard work in many of his other movies -The Last Samurai, Collateral and more recently Reacher (movie better than the books - I think) and I finally saw then purchased Knight and Day - a fun movie and check out the dvd extras when Mr.Cruise jumps off a building....ouch!  The rest of the Oblivion cast did a stellar job too - Andrea Riseborough - not just because of her awesome pool scene - so much more, Olga Kurylenko and Morgan Freeman tops too - just right for this movie.

Joseph Kosinski directed/wrote, Karl Gajdusek and Michael Arndt with the screenplay, cinematography by Claudio Miranda, production design by Darren Gilford and the original music by composers Anthony Gonzalez - M83, Joseph Trapenese and the rest of the cast and crew brought a great idea/story to life for us to see and hear on the big screen. I hope Mr. Kosinski does more sci fi and soon!!!! I am looking foreword to seeing what Oblivion looks like on my small screen - not really - dang, I need to save up someday and get a big flat screen! I call the movie Oblivion a definite see/buy!!!! Heck, see it at the big screen if you still can!!!! It is a testament to it's value that it is still in the 2 buck theater - movies are usually out of there pretty quick if they're not still bringing in the people. Enjoy!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Stone Lamp

Here is another Stonescape Lamp made with a piece of driftwood.  On this one I sanded the driftwood  and gave it a light finish - it definately gave it a different look than the first driftwood lamp. 26 inches tall. Click on the picures to get a little closer look.  

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Stonescape Lamp

"oh great....he's gonna move things around and take a picture of another stone lamp....swell."

I found a neat LED bulb that will show 16 different colors - it comes with a remote to set different patterns or individual colors. I really like the Fade button - it moves the colors slowly and smoothly from one to another. Along with the Fade button there is a Flash, Strobe and Smooth (super slow fade). You have to use the remote close to the lamp and the bulb is not super bright even on the White setting but it makes a great Accent lamp. I made and sold this lamp to someone who wanted a one of a kind lamp for his sisters birthday.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

UFO - Nazca Lines

I picked up another great original ACEO Painting on ebay. I love the blue sky and mountains....and the rest is perrrrfect too. This fun one is by an artist in Bulgaria....Katya Bajlekova.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Ring Box And Jewelry Drawers Or Kindling....

Still need to do some sanding/shaping.  Maybe a little beeswax for a finish.....then some felt in the bottoms....or maybe just leave everything natural. Some don't like the smell of Juniper but I like it. The drawers are about 5 inches long and the ring box is about 2.5 inches in diameter. I bought the trunk/branches from Seth from Urban Lumber Company here in Springfield.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

"Snow Leopard Climbing Higher"

Here is a picture of the original ACEO (Artists Cards, Editions and Originals - 2.5 by 3.5 inches in size) that I just received this weekend from the very talented artist Tasha Riojas. The above picture is her "Snow Leopard Climbing Higher". Sorry, the picture doesn't do it justice but I'm lucky, I get to appreciate it in person.  I love so much about this painting/drawing - the blue background makes the beautiful detail of the Snow Leopard come alive. I am not eloquent in speach enough to say what I feel about this amazing artwork. I just love it. I can't believe it's the first feline she has done....and I was lucky enough to aquire it. Thank you so much Tasha!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Stone Lamp


I finished the new Stonescape Lamp for my brother but forgot to take a picture at mom and dads with the Northwest Salmon Shade and a trout pullchain I had purchased.  The pictures above I took at my place before I picked up the salmon shade on the way up north - they are of the lamp with an elk shade I brought up too - just in case he didn't like the salmon shade.  I had made a pull chain out of a crawdad lure but he still liked the trout pull better with the lamp - hey, I even removed the hooks - huh, go figure.  He said he liked the lamp and also said it would go good with the glass salmons he has on his mantel that he had bought at Portland's Saturday Market - I haven't seen those yet.  I asked him to take a picture of both and send them down.

It was great seeing everyone. With all the people in the house - it was roasting. Dad is turning 80 on the 30th and he is never warm enough anymore.  I decided to get out of the house to cool down and go to 7-11 and get a slurpee. My youngest neice yelled out she wanted to go too. On the way there she hinted - not too subtly - that she wanted to try driving a stick shift car - which, coincidentally I was driving at the time. (Her older sister got a car financed for her for Christmas). We got a couple slurpees and some zotts for her and on the way back I stopped in a big empty parking lot off of TV Hwy and she got to drive a stick shift car for the first time, she's twelve. I remember trying my first stick shift on a truck in the middle of a field on the Fanno's farm - she did better than me.  I held her slurpee and she was laughing after a while - she noticed I had sucked down most of her slurpee. I must have been a little nervous. We had some good laughs. Thinking back it did taste funny. She mixes cherry and coke - what do twelve year olds know (actually, I did that too when I was younger).

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Original Watercolor

I bought a Beautiful Original Watercolor on ebay (this picture doesn't do it justice) -  A Plein ACEO Air Sketch Painting named "2 Pines" painted in the Rocky Mountain National Park by a wonderful artist by the name of Wendy Armfield. I just got it yesterday and need to make a rustic frame for it. Check out Wendy's new website for her Windy Trees Gallery -

Oh, and by the way if you don't know ( I had to look them up) ACEO's (Artists Cards, Editions and Originals) are works of art 2.5 by 3.5 inches - the size of playing cards - Wendy's site has a section about them. Plein is a french word for the act of painting outdoors. I'm going to enjoy this little jewel till my eyes give out but hopefully my memory will still be around. I bet I can find a place to hang it. Thanks Wendy!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Warm Place On A Rainy Day....

Yes....I do mix my colors but I don't remember wearing or drying myself off with a cat this week?
After dropping my still warm "clean" laundry on the bed I had gone to check on the game....

Friday, September 3, 2010

A Fun Time....

A little over 10 years ago while traveling to Cove Oregon with a girlfriend and her little boy we stopped in La Grande Oregon for lunch.  After lunch I noticed a guy had set up a good sized oval track marked out with some old tires in a parking lot next door and had some Go Karts he was renting out. Business was slow - no one else was there so we had the track all to ourselves. The Go Kart we took for a spin looked just like the one pictured above - at least structurally - but ours did have a seat pad.

I asked Nick if he wanted to go for a ride - at that point in his young life we had played Diddy Kong Racing a bunch on Nintendo so I think he felt like it might be fun but he wasn't quite sure since it was the real thing. Anyway, he was seven but couldn't reach the pedals so I told him I would go with him and work the pedals and he would steer.  After we got on the Kart I showed him where to put both his hands and what each of the pedals was for.

I started out slow so he could get the feel of turning the wheel and seeing what it did to the Kart then I sped up and we were moving around the track at a good clip. I told him he was doing a great job....then when we went by his mom again she waived....he took his right hand off the wheel to wave back....which wasn't the best made the Kart move in not such a good way....I grabbed the wheel and told him to keep both hands on it....he grabbed the wheel again and the concentration from then on was something to see in his little face.  If I tried -  I don't think I could have pried those little hands off that of the best times I've ever had....and I think Nick had fun too.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

If I ever get some land....

....will need a barn/tool shed/shop....or maybe get two of them and with one add some insulation, basement and big windows in front looking out on a good view....and call it home?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Competition Steel Shoot Pistol?

Looking to find a Ruger MK I or II and then get a Volquartsen drop in accurizing kit or Clark Custom kit - then add a 5.5 or 4.5 or 4 inch Match Bull Barrel - possibly a Walther and maybe a fiber optic front sight and a target rear sight - if it didn't have one - then call it good....well -  maybe a Speed Strip Kit from Majestic Arms too.  

It would look similar to the Ruger MK I  (Volquartsen modified)  pistol with the 3.5 inch barrel pictured above -  after having a new Clark Custom or Volquartsen short barrel added. But don't need the what looks like added on mag release on/under the grip panel.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Blog's Partial Namesake

Some stone I can drill through with what tools I have at this point, some I can not but I keep for the future when I will.  I took a couple days off and will use some of the time making the apartment a little more zen feeling by getting rid of some things and reorganize some - my stone cairns being one such thing.  I just have a pull towards stone or stone calls to me and this is the form I can work with right now so I'll keep them around - stubbed toes be damned. Besides the little hunter likes to walk/rub on them and stalk critters aka spiders if any find their way in.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Winter ....She Is A Coming

No snow here yet but mornings are colder. Really don't get much snow here but do get some as seen in pictures. Weatherwise this week has been beautiful - Chilly nights but sunny days.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Moon Maiden Lamp

I found this little lamp at Goodwill, it has a cast iron base, I haven't seen one of those before. I put a new shade and a stone looking clay bead pullchain on it.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Organic Fun

Every once in a while I go to breakfast up the Mckenzie at the Vida Cafe. I went up Saturday - it's only 20 minutes and a beautiful drive. On the way back I saw a sign - Mckenzie River Organic Farm. I pulled in and parked next to an interesting structure - their store - a what they call cob contructed building - no corn cobs involved - huh. Cob is a building material consisting of clay, sand, straw, water, and earth, similar to adobe. Cob is fireproof, resistant to seismic activity, and inexpensive. Used since the 1100's. It can also be used to create artistic sculptural forms and has been revived in recent years by the natural building and sustainability movements -

Anyway, they have a bunch of fresh organic vegetables, fruit, honey, blueberry syrup, frozen fruit juice bars.... I picked up some produce and went out and U-Picked some big blueberries. A fun and healthy stop.

McKenzie River Organic Farm
Carol Ach, Jack Richardson
44382 McKenzie Highway
Leaburg, OR 97489

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Double Action Boba

Brigid - I forgot to tell you, some guy at the range (see picture) - at least I think it was a guy - was asking questions about you and some Donald character. Seems that this Donald guy is wanted ---- in a galaxy far far away. Anyway, someone has their feathers ruffled and wants to chew him out. -----------please stop me now --- doesn't Blogger have any restrictions on Boba Fett Pez posts?

He/she didn't get anything out of me - although I did ask for Princess Leia's phone #/communicator frequency.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Plinker

A couple weeks ago I traded for a High Standard Model B .22 pistol. It has a short grip and a original 9 round magazine. I had never shot one. The Model B needed a good cleaning and someone had chewed up the rear sight area and put the rear sight in backwards. It was missing one brass bushing for one of the grip screws - if I was going to keep it I would pick one up. Wasn't a lot of finish left but I liked the look - hey, it was made in the 30's. Well made and a nice piece of history. I cleaned it up, fixed the sight and took it out to the range. (note the patch knife - 99 cents - it works.)

I shot at 12 yards. I had a bunch of old ammo - Winchester Wildcat, some Super X and some Peters - ran about 200 rounds thru the Model B and it went all over the place. The most accurate ammo was the Peters High Velocity Solid Points. It was pretty reliable but not a target pistol - it is a fun little plinker. I'm glad I tried it and got it out of my system.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Wine Rack

Here is the Red Oak Wine Rack I designed and made from wood salvaged from community tree's by Urban Lumber Company. This wine rack is made for a countertop or table. It can hold 4 wine glasses, 4 wine or beverage of your choice bottles and I put a hole in the center support to hold a corkscrew.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bullseye Shoot

About a month ago I went into Eugene to a Gun Show. Didn't see much there but in a back corner there were a couple guys at a little table. I went over and met a nice guy named Neal Caloia his daughter and his dad John. Neal was an Olympic shooter at the games in Atlanta. They were at the gun show trying to get some people interested in Bullseye Handgun Shooting aka Conventional Pistol. I knew nothing about it but it sounded fun. Guns+Shooting+Picking up some tips from an Olympic shooter = fun to me. Oh and since I haven't got a .22 pistol (right now) - they said they would have some there = I gave them $10 for the range fee and my phone # and they said they would call me before the weekend.

Got the call and everyone was meeting at a classroom at Emerald Empire Gun Club on Sunday at 9am. I was to bring 200 rounds of ammo - not high velocity. About 20 people showed up and there were about 7 instructor types. We got a general overview of the sport and competition and safety rules. We were going to shoot at only 25 yards for the morning - no 50 yard - they didn't want to scare us off. In practice and competition shooters will fire their handguns one handed with a dueling type stance. Handguns used are .22's, center fire - .32 caliber and up and .45. Some shooters use only two handguns for the competition a .22 and a .45 since the .45 can work for the centerfire stage too. Targets are out at 25 yards and 50 yards. The match has slow, timed and rapid fire stages. For more information go to

We were chompin at the bit to get at the range next door and finally were let loose. There were just two of us that didn't have a pistol. I would have been happy to just watch....yeah right. A very nice guy named Pete had a shooting box that had two pistols (his current and older competition Ruger Mark II's), parts, tools....and also a spotting scope attached to the lid. Pete let me use his pistol that he didn't use in competition anymore and later when someone had malfunctions with their pistol Pete let them use his current competition pistol - like I said a nice guy! The pistol I shot with was a Ruger Mark II bull barrel with a red dot sight and a contoured wood grip. Yes you can shoot with a red dot scope -no magnification - or you can shoot with open sights. Oh and the pistol had a 2.5 lb trigger pull- so nice. I had picked up some Remington Target .22 cartridges and I was very lucky to find them. The mock competition was a kick. We shot slow fire stages first. After the first clip we used spotting scopes to check our shots. I was not used to shooting one handed - it felt like the front site was shaking all over the target picture but one of the other instructors yelled over to us and said "Pete he shoots better with your pistol than you do" he was exaggerating some but I did do better than I thought I would. I liked the timed and rapid fire stages the most. Pete also assisted a couple next to me. The husband shot a .22 revolver - looked like a Smith and the wife shot a .22 Colt Target Woodsman - looked like a 6 or 8 inch barrel and it was in prestine condition - wow.

Thanks again Pete.... I owe you. The extra cartridges I left you were not enough. It was a cold but really fun day. I can't imagine shooting at the 50 yard target....well I can imagine it. It's just going to take a lot more practice but that's just icing on the cake. Now I have to really get the money saved for that Browning Buckmark .22 5.5 Field Pistol.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Gargirl Looking Over My Shoulder

I was posting about the "Spring Day" shoot (it was cold, had sprinkles and hail at the end - I think the sun even made a showing. I love spring, a lot of energy in the air and the weather changes every 10 minutes) out at the Gun Club and heard a commotion on the chair behind me - Sam....Samantha. Eye beams burrowing into the back of my head willing me to play "Mouse"( plastic stick with string and fur/streamers/little bell on the end...."Mouse". Ok,ok,ok, need play too!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Little Home?

In this day and age it seems like too many houses built today are huge and of such a quality that they have major problems not too far down the road. They also are right next to each other and no yard. I wonder how much resources we could save in the long run by building smaller and stronger. Throwing in a view wouldn't hurt either but I understand packing them in close builds a bigger tax base and they can have utilities in a smaller footprint. But a view and some grass and trees around sure is nice and the air seems fresh.

A couple building materials that I think are worth taking a look at - if not the specific company - at least the product idea. One is Structural Insulated Panels the other is Niagra Insulated Blocks. I think a key point in these two products is there is an insulation barrier sandwiched in the middle of the blocks and panels - keeping heat and cold transfer way down. The energy cost up front in manufacturing and transport seems like more but the end product would be saving energy in heating and cooling for a long time down the road.

A home at the edge of the pines, maybe a daylight basement and a view of the mountains.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I was high school age and went hunting in Eastern Oregon with my dad and we joined up with friends of the family in deer camp at Dead Horse Spring. At the end of the morning hunt I was walking a dry creek bed that came down from the rimrock draws and lost itself out in the high desert prairie. In that region of Oregon you'll see obsidian isn't uncommon but it isn't covering everything either. I saw a little piece of obsidian in the dry sand, reached down picking it just kept coming out of the creek bed! Someone that knows about such things told me that it was probably Paiute and probably ceremonial - since the Paiute of the area used tougher stone for hunting. I wondered back then and through the years about the maker of that spearhead. I've pictured the landscape of that day in my mind and thought about what their lives were like and how the spearhead came to it's final resting place. After many years I delivered the spearhead to the Burns Oregon Paiute Tribe. I showed them on a map where it was found.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Made A Rustic Shelf

Here is a rustic shelf I made out of Aromatic Cedar. I purchased the wood from Seth at the Urban Lumber Company in Springfield Oregon. I have a very small apartment. This shelf gave me a little more floor space - every little bit helps.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Pinus Densiflora/ Japanese Red Pine

There is a row of these along the drive coming in to the apartments I live in. They have a red bark that glows in the early or late sun. The branches contort and give the trees a unique look - especially when grouped with others. There is a small beautiful grove at the Hoyt Arboretum in Portland Oregon.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Eastern Oregon - Catch The Wave!

I was driving from Cove Oregon heading towards LaGrande and had to pull over to try and get a few pictures of this Snow Cloud cascading from the sky. I only had a little 35mm camera but a couple pictures did turn out. It was Spring and snow squalls and beautiful blue skies were the order of the day!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

This is a big carving I did. I can't take creative honors for this one. About 7 years ago I was taking a winter walk up on top of Mount Tabor in Portland Oregon. It was just after a storm and I always check out downed wood. Park employees had bucked up some of the wood and I was looking it over when I saw a wedge with an outline in the grain. What I saw was a face outlined in the wood. Just following the line in the grain and with a little more work - the Man in the Moon or at least the Man in the Moonish Shaped Wood was revealed.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Stone Lamp

The Stonescape Lamp pictured here is one of my favorites that I have made - so far. The stone used was very thin and has a ledge that gives it a great look.